大阪城公園 OsakaCastlePark

Osaka Castle is the symbol of Osaka and a destination for people from around the world.
The large park surrounding the castle has some of the greatest flower viewing spots in the Kansai region.
The exceptional flowers bring large numbers of photographers eager to take pictures when the flowers come into bloom.
From March to April, visitors can see plum, then peach, and finally cherry blossoms around the park grounds.

Along the eastern side of Osaka Castle, a grove of roughly 1,270 plum trees can be found. The peak of the plum blossom season is in February, but don’t worry! There are over 100 varieties of plum trees blossoming at different times, so plum blossoms can be enjoyed even in March.


With around 3,000 cherry trees, this has become a famous cherry blossom viewing destination. On the western side of Osaka Castle in Nishinomaru Garden, the tree known as Osaka prefecture’s cherry blossom standard can be found. The announcements regarding blossoms in Osaka prefecture are based on this tree. The around 300 trees planted in Nishinomaru Garden can be enjoyed at night with special lighting while they are in bloom.

Along the northern section of the peach grove, there around 200 peach trees of around 12 varieties. The early blooming varieties come into blossom in mid-March. After that, the cherry trees also start blossoming, and the peach trees continue blooming through April.


大阪城公園 OsakaCastlePark


Nishinomaru Garden
Entrance Fee Adults ¥200(Tax Included)
Junior high school students and under are free.
Please visit our homepage for information about business hours, holidays and more.

谷町の最中屋 一吉(monaka hitoyoshi)

If you are looking for the best sweets in Osaka, why not try a cute, plum-shaped Japanese MONAKA? 「HITOYOSHI」is a specialty shop using organic, pesticide free ingredients for its MONAKA. 100% of the outer shell is made from the highest quality Japanese sticky rice flour. The sweet bean paste is made in house using a copper bowl.

To keep the outer shell crispy and fragrant, the shell and the sweet bean paste are sold separately, allowing the customer put the pieces together and make a sandwich. The sweetness of the chunky red beans is gently tempered with a little salt, giving it a deliciousness that even people who find Japanese sweets challenging will want to try for themselves. Our white miso flavored miso bean paste also has a Japanese sophistication that you will surely enjoy.


①Ever Popular Product Organic Fig MONAKA
¥220 (Tax Included)
②Fragrant and Nutritious Sesame Walnut MONAKA
¥230 (Tax Included)
③A Taste for Grown-ups Rum Raisin MONAKA
¥240 (Tax Included)
④Popular with Guests from Overseas Chocolate Green Tea
¥350 (Tax Included)

谷町の最中屋 一吉(monaka hitoyoshi)


Tanimachi no Monakaya Hitoyoshi
Koufuku Sougo Building 1F,8-2-6 Tanimachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka City
Business Hours:11:00〜18:30
Fridays〜 18:00
Sundays and Holidays〜 17:00
Closed Mondays,Closed Some Sundays and Holidays

和太鼓教育研究所 WadaikoEducationLaboratory

From long ago, the drum has been a part of Japanese life.
It was used to announce the time, at festivals and in kabuki theater.
Through its rhythm, it gives energy to people and movements to the timing of the drum strikes get full marks for coolness.
For people traveling in Osaka, this is an opportunity for even beginners to try playing a Japanese drum! We recommend this chance to make unique memories in Japan. Enjoy the refreshing feeling of playing a Japanese drum!

Japanese Drum Experience Special Course From
¥2,160 Per Person
(Requires Approximately 2 Hours)
※ Please make reservations for all people 10 years old and older.
※ Please inform the Wadaiko Education Laboratory by phone or mail of the location, day and time, group representative’s name and nationality, contact information and the number of people participating.
Drumsticks are available for rental. Please wear clothes in which it is easy to move and bring your own drinks.
Please understand that it may not be possible to accept applications depending on the day and time.




Organizer:Wadaiko Education Laboratory
Location:Osaka Prefecture Dawn Center
Address:B1 Tamokuteki Shitsu,1-3-49 Otemae,Chuo-ku,Osaka City
Contact Information:Wadaiko Education Laboratory


Nihonbashi is where you can go for the newest electronics, anime goods, games and to experience OTAKU culture.
It is a place that has recently become hot for foreign tourists!
The biggest cosplay festival in Japan occurs in Nihonbashi on March 19.
Last year it was a major attraction with 250,000 people in attendance!

※ The cosplay parade reception time has finished.Please enjoy watching the parade.
・Please request permission before take pictures of people in costumes.
・Please refrain from taking pictures in such a way as to interrupt pedestrian and or motor vehicle traffic.



Nihonbashi Street Fest
Sunday,March 19,2017 11:00〜17:30
Nihonbashi,Naniwa-ku,Osaka City
Nihonbashi-suji Shopping Street(Sakaisuji)and the Entire Area
Contact Information:Nihonbashi Street Fest Executive Committee Secretariat

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